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 TWC quote "everyone should move out the way of vortex 2"

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Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton

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PostSubject: TWC quote "everyone should move out the way of vortex 2"   Thu May 20, 2010 3:53 am

this is something i posted on TVN....

hey everyone, i dont often post threads, but here goes..

i was watching the weather channel earlier on on a live feed on the internet...and as they were talking about storm chasers and todays weather, the presenter was talking about vortex 2, and she came out with the statement

"everyone should move out the way of vortex 2, that includes storm chase fanatics, as vortex 2 is out there to work out why tornados form and work out how to forecast them, and as you the tax payer pays for them, you should move and not clog up the roads where they are trying to work"

there was a bit more but thats all i can remember hearing.

now i understand what Vortex 2 is there for, but i think the presenter was being quite cheeky and arrogant if you ask me...storm chasers/fanataics have been around far longer than the vortex project, and just because they have been funded by you guys, the american tax payer, i dont think it gives them the right to have people, basically, bowing at there feet...
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PostSubject: Re: TWC quote "everyone should move out the way of vortex 2"   Thu May 20, 2010 10:07 am

Quite the opposite. The fact is that the scientists working with Wurman have in fact been around well before the long line of chasers out there now. The caravan that follows the DOW team is horrendous. If you were new to chasing what would you do - you'd follow the convoy because you know they are more likely to find tornadoes than anyone else.

Indeed, they should get out of the way. If anything dire happens such as an immanent tornado threat then as a reason of safety and duty of care the team also needs an escape route quickly - if they are surrounded by chasers hanging on to capitalize on the information that they never acquire to find a tornado then they are hampering the research and causing some quite annoying distractions and traffic problems.

By all means, if I was chasing there I would stop only to say hi and get some photos and then be on my way. Their presence will always have an interested crowd gather, it's inevitable, but do the right thing and let them do their work,

The government paid for their research as is sponsorships - so your tax dollars are being put to good use. As far as I'm concerned there should be a some discretion and commonsense from the public and other chasers to give them some space - but that will never happen, it's just logical that the team will attract attention, it's a bit hard not to notice them.
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TWC quote "everyone should move out the way of vortex 2"
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