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 MetweatherUK forum rules

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PostSubject: MetweatherUK forum rules   Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:19 pm

MetweatherUK was developed to encourage a friendly and safe environment for discussion and learning. This is also a public forum so the way members present themselves reflects on them and also the forum. The rules to follow are very simple:

- Attacks of any kind are not accepted on this forum and can result in instant dismissal.

- We, the moderators reserve the right to delete or edit any posts that are deemed irrelevant or redundant. (We do this to ensure that the threads are consistent. If you believe this is against your freedom of speech, there are many other forums around).

- We the moderators of this forum reserve the right to remove or reject members or guests who have a clear history of creating issues on this or other forums or specifically have targeted members of this forum. Members who do not abide by the rules of this forum whether it be with respect to posting or behavior on this forum can also have their membership canceled.

- When posting images, you are taking full responsibility of copyright issues. We have no control to check the original source of images or for control of the copyright of your images. If you own images of specific quality and do not want them abused or spread around the internet, please DO NOT submit those images.

To free up space on the forum's server please post images of 800 x 800 MAXIMUM. Alternate file compression tools are widely available online or through your own software and this is encouraged to be used. A large file can be compressed to small numbers whilst still retaining quality, so it would be a great help if members could use this option.

- When commenting on photographs or video, please focus your comments on the storm or weather event and we encourage positive comments re the images, negative comments are discouraged but helpful advice is also encouraged. Experience has led us to believe other people often refrain to post their images because they feel they are not 'good enough'. This is not a photography forum but a storm chasing and weather forum so the focus should be on storms and weather. Comments will be altered that are not within these guidelines. Our aim is to maintain a high quality of storm and weather images.

- No matter what your experience, you are encouraged to submit posts about weather observations and storm reports including posting images and videos related to those reports. Please ensure your posts include accurate and non-exaggerated accounts of what you observed and please do not misuse terminology. If in doubt, use words such as 'possible', 'probable', 'likely' or simply ask the questions eg Is this a supercell? Any member that is deemed to exaggeration, deliberate inaccurate posting or continual inaccuracies despite ignoring assistance by the moderators, their membership may be revoked.

- Please search for the dates or range of dates indicated for your particular event and post in that thread and if not existent, feel free to begin a new thread for your event or forecast.

There is a specific time frame for posts to be edited which is more than sufficient time to make the necessary changes. If you wish to change your post to one outside this time frame - ie you are unable to edit our specific post, feel free to contact the moderators.

Moderators reserve the right to edit comments if they deem to be totally inaccurate or misleading to assist other members in learning. Moderators are under the same scrutiny so the forum is an even playing field.

Spelling and grammar should be accurate. Moderators reserve the right to correct spelling mistakes, but the onus is on members to at least use the spell check option - if a word comes underlined in red then take the time to correct it! US and Australian spelling is somewhat different so these won't be touched to correct apparent mistakes.

In summary:

* If you submit someone else's photo you MUST also post the link or author of that photo and credit them - if you do not the photo will be removed immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS. ost your camera type and settings used in the photos too, this will help others take the same great shots!

* Nowcasting threads. Pasting warnings from relevant weather authorities is encouraged, but discussion re such threads should be added to them for the duration of the advices. Posting advices assists viewers in those areas affected to know what is going on, but NO exaggerated forecasting is permitted.

* Above all, have fun - ask questions and using commonsense and respecting each other goes a long way to maintaining a healthy forum. We all have opinions and views, but by healthy discussion we can all learn something. If you have any problems with members simply PM any of the moderating staff and let us sort things out for you.
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MetweatherUK forum rules
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