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 Thoughts on Anthroprogenic Climate Change

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PostSubject: Thoughts on Anthroprogenic Climate Change   Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:26 pm

I don't want to make enemies too early on here so can we have a head count of who BELIEVES in Anthroprogenic Climate Change and who doesn't.....

I'll start....

I'm AGAINST ACC/AGW because I believe the science is flawed, they are using computer models to forecast the climate 100 years into the future when the current computer models cannot predict the weather with great accuracy outside the T96 period, and they are constantly discovering new bits of data that they either didn't know about or forgot to feed into their computer models. I also find the facts and figures skewed and cherry picked to "substantiate" the "science" (I use the term Science loosely since there is very little actual science involved and more guesswork and manipulation instead)

I setup the IICCP project (linked elsewhere) to show that while everyone is concentrating on the MAX temperature each year to show how "hot" the planet is becoming - no-one is particular in the yearly averages which are pretty much staying constant at the moment.
In our case - sure we had a top temperature of 27'C in May this year - but the year has been bloody cold, we had no summer and that temperature was reached one day and lasted about 4 minutes.

So please - explain your opinion and let's try to keep it friendly in here eh - I am sure we can have a debate once everyone has been allowed to express their viewpoint.

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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Anthroprogenic Climate Change   Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:16 pm


I'm deffo open to discusstun on this sorta subject, and don't worry about making enemies! This is the type of discussion the forum needs, so Hi-Five for ya!

I'm with you on your thoughts. You look at the average cold temps and severity of the last two winters at least.... More snow than we have had in years, a national shortage of salt, bad frosts and ice too.

Also as you mentioned, the top temp for the UK this year being 27. That is cold. Dunno about global warming, seems more like global cooling to me. We did have a dry summer in the south, with a few nice weeks in a row. But they certainly weren't hot weeks.

I agree with you on the models too. We have been very frustrated over the summer with checking data in regards to T/Storm potential. You look at the models and yeah, for a few days ahead they look good, but as you get closer to the day in question, it's totally different. So how they can predict a weather event or average temp in 100 years is beyond me.

I di however do my bit naturally, by recycling, walking to the local shop etc instead of driving, but this just personally makes me feel better.
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Thoughts on Anthroprogenic Climate Change
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