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 Hoping to get a bit more Publicity for the Site/Forum.

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PostSubject: Hoping to get a bit more Publicity for the Site/Forum.   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:02 am

For those of you that do visit im sure you would agree that things in general have been far from active over the last few weeks, maybe if im honest even since we set this up.
It was never expected that things would take off in a few months but both myself and Wazza have found things rather soul destroying of late. Its very hard to spend time putting data or items together when you know so few if any people will actually view or comment on whats here. Which in turn means that even less is posted and i openly accept that i have maybe fallen into that trap myself.
Theres no easy way to suddenly find new members but there are people out there, Netweather have over 10000 registered members.

So if any of you have ANY ideas or suggestions then could you please post them here so we can at least try to improve things.
I will be putting together an article for our local Newspaper which should hopefully be published in the next few weeks. Can i add that this is not a personal crusade for Wazza or myself, the only aim is to have a vibrant friendly forum where like minded people can share their passion for all things Weather.
Once the word is out and people actually see whats on offer here im sure numbers will improve steadily, well thats what we hope will happen.

Thanks in advance if you can help in any way.
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PostSubject: Re: Hoping to get a bit more Publicity for the Site/Forum.   Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:05 pm

It takes time gentleman. The longer it's here the better. It's a cyclic thing that when there's action abroad that's where the traffic will be, but be patient. The site is looking good and you've got some great things happening.

Everyone appreciates the efforts of you two giving birth to this forum and the weather in the UK doesn't always help either! But I'll add some suggestions as I go.

(1) Try and get some sponsors to show their stuff on the site from the local paper or some other business that can see an audience they have not reached.

(2) Contact your local radio station and work out some sort of partnership whereby they can give you access to 'live broadcasts' through the site, that way people can listen in whilst they on their computers doing stuff. I would go and book a slot with them on their morning show and let them know you are chasers and what you offer through the mediums you are using.

(3) Through other weather websites, add banners and get those websites to link your forum on their pages.

(4) Photos, photos, photos! People like seeing lots of photos. even if they are not from the UK in the quiet periods, just ask the storm chasing mates on FB, and other sites to use their images, just choose a few and get their permission to show them - and that includes VIDEOS! Many chasers will gladly share videos and stuff when each party links each others' sites.

(5) Newspaper - for sure - hammer them! As chasers you have access to a lot of never before seen footage they may otherwise not even know about, so if they want photos you can get them.

(6) Do you have craft fares or markets? Set up a table, get some videos from people and set up a TV - make a banner up with the MetweatherUK logo and simply meet people and tell them what you do and in reality everyone is interested in weather.

(7) Every time members have a conversation and weather is brought up, then hammer this forum - I try to let everyone I know about the forum and at least it gets the forum out there.

(Cool Weather forums are 'protective' beasts. They tend not to have other forums as a link on theirs for fears of diverting traffic, but, one thing is for certain, if the topic threads are of interest and show a varied range of conversation then they will more than likely join and share what they do or do not know.

(9) Even approach your local UKMet office and get some stuff linked from them, if they don't there's plenty of ther sites than can provide something that can be instantly seen on the home page or on the side bars.

All websites start out a little slow, but in time once more information, videos, photos etc are added then people will notice and be curious.

The weather plays a huge role in most cases and even my site has its down time during the dry season. But if the forum is kept active and refreshed it won't go stale - and us, the members, need to keep that going also.

Keep up the great work guys and it will happen!
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Posts : 352
Hi-Five : 6
Join date : 2010-04-12
Age : 52
Location : Somerset, UK

PostSubject: Re: Hoping to get a bit more Publicity for the Site/Forum.   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:35 pm

Nice one Mike Very Happy

Not sitting here giving up just yet mate.
Plenty to think about there reading through what youve posted. Just need to get the word out and about a bit more. Will maybe have a chat with Wazza and see if we can sort out some sort of action plan based on the above.

Would really like to be able to get our Banner/Link on Netweather itself .
Not so sure they would agree but maybe worth asking all the same.

I will also send the same details im sending to the local press to the County Newspaper as well, no harm in trying.

I totally agree that the Site does look the part now ( well done the Wazz ! ) so given time we will see things improve.
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PostSubject: Re: Hoping to get a bit more Publicity for the Site/Forum.   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:38 am

Cheers guys!

Yes i'm sure things will take off, finding people interested in weather in the UK is pretty hard, so I think advertising may be the way forward.

Keeping the forum interesting is the way to go too. Lots of topics! Even though this is a weather forum, we have to appreciate the UK weather isn't the most exciting in the world most of the time, but when it is then we're here to capture it!

I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Hoping to get a bit more Publicity for the Site/Forum.   

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Hoping to get a bit more Publicity for the Site/Forum.
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